RPM Challenge - Week 2 - This is hard...

Week 2 of the RPM Challenge was rough for me. Essentially I had 6 really unproductive days and 1 good one. I was traveling last weekend in RI, so I was away from my home studio. I tried to take a pass at recording 11 at 11 in my Mom's home studio (she's a musician, and the song is about my hometown of Newport RI, so I thought it would be appropriate to record there), but no luck, I couldn't get anything I liked. 

Generally, I've just been sidetracked or unwilling to put in the time that I need to put in to this. Also, the Olympics starting up has been a big distraction - I love the Winter Olympics. In my one productive day I got tracking done for 11 at 11, vocals for Tell Me, and fully structured Aditi. It was a solid day. I'm going to need to light a fire if I'm going to get this thing done by the end of the month.

Andrew Grosvenor