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Andrew North is releasing a new solo album, Lost City, covering 15 years of creativity, change, loss, and wanderlust.  You can download & stream it now.

Lost City spans 15 years, countless life changes, and one quarter-life crisis. Andrew started working on these songs in 2004 at age 20 with his college band, The Woodshed. He wrote “The Jungle” on school break while living in a one-room house near the beach in Rhode Island. In 2007, the band broke up and Andrew took some time away from songwriting and playing. Writing “Braggadocio” was his only creative outlet during 3 hermetic years in law school in rural Vermont.

The themes of the album began to emerge when Andrew saw the light and came back to music in 2016. He started writing new songs and playing coffee shop open mics. “Go North” and “Thing About the Woods” both came from this time, and both reflect themes of wanderlust, regret, and coming to terms with moving forward, even if you love the past you had to leave. 

With a little new confidence and a good batch of songs, Andrew enlisted former bandmate Pete Casselman (drums) and they hit the studio in Burlington, VT. They put in 3 days of free wheeling sessions in 2017, making room for spontaneous moments and letting the songs grow organically. Andrew spent the next year tracking the vocals and polishing the rough tracks. The end result is a little paradoxical - 15 years of music in about 30 minutes. 

Lost City is available March 8th on Bandcamp, CDBaby, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and all other major streaming services. Lost City was recorded and engineered at Tank Studios in Burlington, VT. 

Andrew North is a piano singer, composer, and songwriter. He plays in a duo with drummer Pete Casselman, and with his New Hampshire based band, the Rangers. He released the albums “Ursa Verde” in 2018 under the name “Andrew of the North”, and “Tonic & Gin” with his band, The Woodshed, in 2006.

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