RPM Challenge - Week 1

I recently made a new friend at a bar (which has pretty much never happened to me). We're both parents of toddlers, and we hit it off on a number of fronts. He's a musician as well and told me about the RPM Challenge. It's like National Novel Writing Month for musicians, and basically you try to write and record a complete album in the month of February. I'm giving it a try.

Considering that I've had a half-baked album in the works for the past 18 months, this seemed like a daunting prospect, but also a challenge that could push my work flow in the right direction. The stalled out album is still trudging forward, but I wanted to approach this challenge with different material and a different mindset. I decided to scoop up all of the half written songs that I have and try to push them through the process. Looking through my notebooks, I came up with a list of promising prospects:

  • Tell Me
  • Mossy Faces
  • Bitbitbitbitbitbitbitbit
  • 11 at 11
  • Aditi
  • Holler
  • The Standing Song
  • Lonesome & Blue
  • Round the Bend
  • Alaska
  • Louisiana Shakedown
  • Matter
  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Quinn
  • Kerfuffle

I'm sure these song titles don't mean anything to you. They are all ideas that haven't been fully worked out yet - some need lyrics, some need structure, some need everything beyond the name!  They won't all make the cut, but there's enough there for me to meet the 10 song / 35 minute minimum requirement. 

This week I decided to start laying tracks down and get some momentum there because it takes me a long time. I tracked out Aditi and was able to come up with a really nice Wurlitzer solo that I'm happy with! I also began laying down tracks for The Standing Song and drafted lyrics and sections for Mossy Faces, Alaska, and Holler. 

There is a ton of work to do, and I'm not sure I'll finish. I'm excited to start sharing these soon.