RPM Challenge Week 3 - We’re Gonna Make It

This week I got everything into good enough shape to be confident that I’ll get this thing done. Whether or not I can put together something I really like is another story...

I’ve settled on 9 songs, which should end up around 38 minutes.


11 at 11



Crescent City Limit


Tell Me

Mossy Faces

The Standing Song

No track order yet, and only one instrumental (which is a big shift from the Woodshed days). Adding bass tracks with a real bass instead of keyboard bass has been a big boost - I think it forces me into a different playing style and adds some variety. I may still add some rhythm guitar too, most of what I’ve tracked so far is all keys.

Doing this entirely by myself has been a major challenge - it’s so much more work than just tracking with a band, and it’s hard to bring variety and a conversational tone into the playing because I’m the only player! I’m starting to feel good about these tracks, though it’s hard to really tell - I find I need to take a few days away from a track and edit it with fresh ears before it’s done.

Regardless of whether it’s something I’ll officially publish or not, this has been a serious learning process. I’m feeling good, I’m going to make it. A few days to go...